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The content of messages can be customized using the template tag library. Each template tag should be enclosed in a [% %] pair. Where a tag requires a qualifier value, the value should be attached with a colon.

For example, the following extract shows a member’s name being inserted into a greeting:

Hello [% member:first_name %] [% member:last_name %],

Welcome to the "Exciting Onions" mailing list, where you can be kept up to
date on all the latest onion-related news ...

Some tags also accept additional key/value pairs to control their behavior. For example, adding a default value to a member field:

Hello [% member:first_name default="Friend" %]

...or specifying the link text for a trackable link:

Please visit [% link:http://fancyonions.com/home name="our website" %]


fully document the available tags

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